RootX is a specialist root control formula that can be applied down drains and pipes. It is used to effectively manage and reduce the growth of tree roots. Drain Doctor is the sole NZ agent for RootX.

For most effective results, we recommend initially cutting the roots and cleaning the drain, and then applying the product within 1 hour. This initial predatory step certainly speeds up the process and improves the effectiveness of the applied product.

Once applied, significant results can be noted within 6 weeks from date of application.

What's more, RootX will increase the time between annual cleans and in some cases eliminate cleaning altogether (provided that it is applied at the correct dose rate).

The sole NZ Agent for RootX. Effectively manages and reduces the growth of roots. Tested and approved by the Drain Doctor team.

Our Experience with RootX

Drain Doctor extensively tested the performance of RootX prior to taking on the dealership for this product. From our own trials we saw significant results, and happily recommend it. Our results showed the tree root growth slowed down considerably after application. We monitored the deterioration of the roots using our CCTV equipment on a 2 weekly schedule; after just 6 weeks the effect was significant.

RootX | For a Complete Drain Clean

Many of our customers ask us to apply this product at the time of cleaning their drains, to effectively manage and hinder future root growth. This is an optimal time of application and it only adds a small amount to the overall cost.

Drain Doctor | Sole New Zealand Agents for RootX

Servicing the greater Wellington region including Wellington City and suburbs, Porirua, Kapiti Coast, Eastbourne, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt, and the Upper Hutt valley including Akatarawa and Mangaroa.

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