How long before tree roots grow back?

In our experience, roots grow back between 1 to 5 years, depending on how vigorous the vegetation is. Some trees like Pohutukawa trees, cabbage trees, and flax bushes grow into drains quite quickly. In dry conditions, roots tend to try to find a water source which is often the drains, causing blockages. We recommend RootX to minimise growth between cleans. If the drain blocks more frequently than once a year, we suggest a CCTV inspection to assess the condition of the drain as a repair may be a more economical long-term option.

Is there a product we can put down the drain to stop the growth of tree roots?

Yes. Drain Doctor is the sole New Zealand agent for RootX.

Should we cut the offending tree down?

Our opinion is the drain is at fault as there normally is a crack or break in the drain to let the tree root in. By cutting the tree down and not addressing the crack or break in the pipe, it will allow the drain to continue to leak and/or make room for the next tree root to enter the drain.

How do we remove fat?

Drain Doctor is the only New Zealand agent for Grease-X. This product removes all fat from drains and is applied using the jet flusher. This product works in a similar manner to engine degreasers. This product is approved by local authorities and is environmentally safe. However it is not to be used on stormwater systems.

How do I stop my insinkerator from blocking?

In almost every case, the reason for the insinkerator blocking is due to not having enough water being flushed through while the insinkerator is working. It is important to make sure water is running at high flow the whole time the insinkerator is being used.

Should I flush wet wipes down the toilet?

Yes, though only if you have a modern drain made of plastic (PVC) as this has a smooth surface and there should not be any 'dags' for the wet wipes to catch on and block. If you have an older drain (before 1982), we suggest avoiding flushing wipes down the drain. Drain Doctor addressed this question on the popular NZ TV programme, Fair Go, dealing with

Flushable Wipes - What You Need to Know Watch video here...

Is it safe to flush sanitary products down the drain?

In most cases yes, but likewise with the wipes, if the drain is older, it will be susceptible to blocking due to the inside of the pipe having rough surfaces that the product can catch on.

How does Drain Doctor deal with sewage overflow or spills?

On every job, our technicians sanitise the area with a neutralising agent that has been made for us. This kills any bacteria and leaves a nice scent. Sometimes there is some remaining white scum / residue; although it is unsightly, it will dry out and blow away quickly. This scum is non-hazardous and our technicians make every effort to clean up it up fully prior to completion of the job. Natural UV rays from the sun also kill any remaining bacteria.

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