Drain Doctor uses specialist machines to unblock or clear blocked drains. On arrival, we assess the situation and determine the most suitable approach to address the issue. With our range of specialist drainage equipment, your drain will be cleared quickly and effectively. Our fleet of trucks are fitted with our Jet Flushing and Mechanical Machines, detailed below:

Jet Flushing | Hydro Jet Machinery

Our specialised hydro jet machines deliver high pressure water through flexible hoses. The equipment can negotiate bends and has the ability to clear most blockages ranging from roots to silt and debris.

Drain Doctor has a variety of sizes of units to suit every application; from a 35 LPM (litres per minute) machine for domestic use, through to 120 LPM (litres per minute) machines for industrial or Council use. For the small lines, we have a micro hose which descales and removes fat to ensure full flow from any sink.

Our specialised hydro jet root cutters are called Warthogs™; we always use the revolutionary Warthog to remove tree roots and ensure a clean bore of the drain. Unlike competitors, there is no extra charge for this.

Key Facts.

High powered hydro jets.

Efficiently descales and removes build up, removes all tree roots.

Full range of sizes and units.

Environmentally friendly method.

Cleans up to 200 metres of drain.

Residential, commercial and industrial sized machinery.

Mechanical Machine | Electric Eel

All of our trucks carry two sizes of electric eel type machines which are capable of clearing the most stubborn of blockages caused by tree roots, foreign matter, or debris. The machine is a flexible auger or drill-like tool; the engine spins a drill or blade in the pipe to clear the blockage.

The larger machine is for use in pipes up to 20 cm in diameter and can clear up to 40 metre length of drain. This machine will cut out most tree root intrusions with ease. Once cut, the off-cuts flush down the drain into the Council network. This method also removes scale and build-up on drain walls. It has proven to be very effective over many years.

Our smaller machines are, to our knowledge, the only ones in the country and are perfect for cleaning smaller pipes. This system uses sectorial cables with various heads to clean out fat, hair, food waste, vegetation, other build-up, or accidentally disposed products. This is a no mess way of ensuring a clear pipe with guaranteed results.

Key Facts.

For removal of stubborn blockages and tree roots.

Ideal for pipes up to 20 cm in diameter.

Cleans up to 40 metres of drain.

Range of 'heads' to achieve desired results.

Cost-effective solution, fast and effective results.

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