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CCTV Inspection

Efficient Drain Solutions: Accurate CCTV Inspections Prevent Unnecessary Digging and Expenses

Opt for precise CCTV drain inspections to identify issues, avoid unnecessary digging, and save costs with efficient and accurate solutions

CCTV drain inspections provide a high-tech approach to accurately identify your drainage problem. With our specialist CCTV cameras we can accurately identify and determine the precise problem prior to undertaking any major digging or excavation work.

Most importantly, with CCTV drain inspections, it ensures all necessary information is obtained upfront, before commencing work. Using the latest in drain CCTV technology we can quickly and accurately detect the cause of the problem; determine the precise location of the blockage; and assess any other contributing factors.

Drains block for many reasons and it is essential to physically see the problem before undertaking any major work. By understanding the situation upfront, prior to commencing work, it helps avoid unnecessary work and costs.
Our CCTV Drain Cameras

Drain Doctor can virtually inspect almost any pipe using the latest high-tech equipment sourced from the USA and Germany. We regard our service and quality as the best because of our years of experience, our specialist expertise, and our high-tech equipment.

  1. Our high-tech CCTV drain cameras can cover up to 100 metres and can be used on pipes and drains of all sizes.

  2. It can locate the precise location of the blockage, to within 100mm.

  3. All drains inspected are recorded on USB or DVD; including high-quality full colour imagery and 'still shots' of the problem areas. Supporting commentary and further information is also provided enabling full understanding of the issue including depths, length of drain and precise location of connection/s.

  4. The exact location and depth of any blockage can easily be determined through combining our CCTV technology with our specialised sonar tracing equipment. We can accurately locate any drain up to the depth of 3 metres.

  5. Our mini cameras are ideal to identify issues behind walls and ducting systems. (Ideal for even finding a stuck cat!).

  6. Once the location of the fault has been determined, we can easily mark it out on the ground above or alternatively mark out where the drain is running. With this information it makes it easier to give quotes should a repair be needed.

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Our Range of Service

Drain Doctor inspects drains for a variety of clients including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Plus surveyors, consultants, schools, prisons, plumbers, drainlayers, and The Beehive.

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