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Drain Unblocking

Drain Unblocking Wellington​ 

Fixing blocked drains is our specialty. No mess, no fuss, just our prompt and efficient service. With over 30 years of experience in the greater Wellington region, we really know how to unblock drains! With our experience and expertise you can be assured we will unblock your drain/s quickly and effectively. When on-site, and for each job, we assess the problem, and most importantly determine the best approach and cost-effective solution. We pride ourselves on ensuring your job is done right, the first time, and fast. As for our service and response – it’s hard to beat. We offer a prompt, courteous and reliable service. On all phone calls, we’ll answer your call immediately or call you back within 1 hour. Wherever possible we’ll be on-site within 4 hours to fix your emergency.
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Drain Doctor Specialists at fixing Blocked Drains

  • Blocked sewer drains

  • Blocked stormwater drains

  • Blocked toilets, sinks, showers etc

  • Blocked residential and commercial drains.

Jet Flushing Machine

  • High powered hydro jets.

  • Efficiently descales and removes build-up, removes all tree roots.

  • Full range of sizes and units.

  • Residential, commercial and industrial sized machinery.

  • Delivers high pressure water through flexible hoses.

  • Cleans up to 200 metres of drain.

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Mechanical Machine / Electric Eel 

  • Fitted to all our trucks.

  • Ideal for removal of stubborn blockages and tree roots.

  • Small and larger sized units.

  • Cleans up to 40 metres of drain.

  • Range of 'heads' to achieve desired results.

  • Cost-effective solution, fast and effective results.

  • No mess solution. Guaranteed results

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