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Wastewater Licenses

As part of our Council compliance services, we can inspect your wastewater system and complete the necessary paperwork. Once we have completed this part of the process, we will ensure you have all the necessary documentation for you to lodge your request direct with your local Council. This makes it quick and easy for you to provide your local Council with the required documentation for Council approval.

Sewer Renewals

Sewer renewals are common due to the large amounts of clay and earthenware drains that are susceptible to multiple tree root intrusions. They are often uneconomical to clean out or repair due to cracks from earth movement. Drain Doctor can provide a detailed quote to repair the affected sections of the pipe.

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Traffic Management

Traffic Management now plays a big part in any work undertaken outside the homeowner’s boundary. Our staff are qualified in traffic management, which enables us to provide the service in-house without engaging any external contractors. Furthermore, we can arrange and organise all required Council consents.

Council Permits and Consents

Of ten small maintenance work does not require a consent under Schedule 1 of the ?? Act. However, when required, we can happily arrange all required permits and consents through the local authority for you.

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Ground Council

Drain Doctor is skilled at coming up with solutions to drain any pooling of water or improve those unwanted damp areas on your premises.

Stormwater Issues

Stormwater causing problems? We have the skills to make sure you do not have to worry about flooding in those heavy rains. We also have experience in redirecting stormwater and installing Novacoil pipes. Please contact us to discuss your stormwater issues.

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Buchan Traps

MaBuchan Traps (situated in some domestic sewer pipes) are now deemed unnecessary and are known to cause blockages due to items building up within them and surrounding tree roots. Drain Doctor removes countless Buchan Traps in order to reduce future problems .

Soak Pits

It is common for soak pits to fail due to silt entering the pit causing them to clog up over time and lose porosity. In many cases, the simplest option is to replace the pit. We also install new soak pits. We have some standard designs that work well but in some situations we engage an engineer to design a system that works effectively and is compliant – not the old 44 gallon drum in a hole approach.

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Due to extensive ground movement in the greater Wellington region, it is common to see pipe dislodgement which often causes leaks into the ground. These leaks are not only a contamination to the soil around but can cause the ground underneath to sink, causing greater problems. Drain Doctor can provide CCTV footage of any dislodgement damage and can repair the damaged section before it causes further problems.

Concrete and Asphalt

Our team are experienced with most aspects of asphalt and concrete work, especially with replacement / reinstatement / repairs. Where possible, we aim to provide the best match, to blend in with the existing, therefore creating a quality finish. Our in-house service provides a cost-effective approach, saving you both time and money.

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